Empowering Success

Empowering,   a push up to success

Eliminating the Obstacles on the Road to Success

Our Services

As a consultancy firm, Empowering Success has the foresight to help you determine which direction your business or career should take. Reach out to us and learn more about our services.

We offer a wide range of services to assist you in different areas of your organization or profession, such as the following:

      • Business Funding
      • Career Assistance
      • Coaching
      • Consulting Services
      • Credit Repair Services
      • Customer Service Training
      • Funding Assistance

    • HUD Compliance Training
    • Marketing Assistance
    • Paralegal Assistance
    • Property Management Consultancy
    • Resume and Letter Writing
  • Sole Proprietor Preparation Services
  • Start-Up Assistance (Such As LLC, INC, 501c3)
  • Tax Credit Compliance Consultancy
  • Tradeline Affiliates

Business Services

Entrepreneurship Coaching

Explore a new world with our entrepreneurship coaching program; be your own boss and never again chase a paycheck. We will guide you on a few innovative ideas and help them come to fruition with careful planning and help develop the tenacity to stick to that plan. You will learn the ins and outs of goal-setting and -implementing to build your wealth.


Do you have a business idea that you need help developing? We can offer industry research, legal knowledge, and practical steps for what to do to get started alone with the step by step assistance. Whether it’s a sole proprietorship, LLC, INC, or a 501c3 we will service you every step of the way.

Business Plans

Let us help you develop a plan. We offer intense research on demographics, locations, financials, and legal knowledge on writing a complete plan for investors.

Corporate Training

Growing your business always means that you have to grow your people. We custom fit our training services to fill your company's specific needs by either creating a training plan or enhancing your current one. We are skilled in career development, team building, personality testing and proper re-structuring if needed.

Business Turn-Around

Have you been tasked with turning around the company? Have you hit a plateau or sales are going down, and you need to do something? We can help with repricing, rebranding, and offer many options to get back on track.


We offer a variety of avenues to help your venture receive funding. 

Digital Services

Our partners focus on empowering your business with customize strategies plans that build your digital services such as website development, social media outlets, app development, branding, marketing, cloud solutions. Focus on your target audience and develop the service that’s right for you.  

Legal Services


We specialize in creating Bylaws, and submitting all the paperwork needed to become a charitable or religious nonprofit. We can even help with charity or marketing events. Grant writing services set ups.

Contracts Preparation Services

From real estate deals, or wills and trusts, to sales agreements or a settlement agreement. We can help! We also create confidentiality agreements, and conflict resolution policies.

Legal Letter Writing Services

Legal Research


Getting registered with State or Federal Agencies can be timely and confusing. We offer a seamless process with professional support and guidance.  

Credit Repair Services

Assisting with educational on understanding your credit. Assistance in removing delinquency and trade line build up.  

Career Services

Career Coach 

Building your connections with us will provide you with an invaluable opportunity to best prepare for your career goals. We will coach on the important networking, Direction on skill development. Set long term and short term goal. Offer accountability and motivation to reach each. 

Resume Writing Services 

Bonding Preparation Services for


Job Referral Program

Work From Assistance Program


“The relationships I have gained at Empowering has strengthened my credit, my career and the writing of my vision.” 

– Jai Joseph, New Orleans 

“In these last days, it's important for one to have a great business relationships and network resources to get results. Empowering help me with that.”

– Shelly Parker, Dallas, Texas

“My vision to own a bed & breakfast business has come to pass under the coaching of Empowering”

– Christy Sims, Jefferson, Texas

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